Saturday, October 24, 2015

Our Greatest Hits

We have movers coming today to give us estimates so I thought it was a great time to get a little more sentimental about this house with a "Favorite Things" post.  Our style has evolved a lot with this house as has our confidence and I can honestly say there is nothing that we did that I don't love but there are a few things that I will definitely miss and if you stay with us, will likely pop up in future homes.  Of all the multitude of projects we have done, here are my tops:

1.  Outdoor Shower

 This is our most pinned pin with over 2000 pins!  I originally built this for Andy to use after a long day of work but I actually fell in love with the convenience of it after a long, hot run.  Nothin' cools you off faster than a cool shower in the open air. Definitely installing one of these in every home we own (though will have to work on a privacy wall plan for more suburban living).

2.  Dresser Sink Vanity

Love having such a unique piece, especially in a small bathroom to add so much character.  The great part is, if you plan well it actually is of similar cost to a stock-vanity... and looks a million times better.

3.  Antique Dresser Make-Over with Attached Bookshelf

Crazy in love with how this turned out.  So happy this gets to come with us!

4.  Open Beam Loft Ceiling

What a transformation in this room!  Using reclaimed wood from the original walls, the loft structural beams were wrapped, creating a rustic and open feel to the room.

5.  No More White Halls

I'm never painting a hallway white again.  Using my new favorite neutral color Shadowed Dapple Grey (Walmart color), I couldn't believe what a huge difference it made compared to white, making the glossy white trim pop.

6. Behr's Puddle

This was one of the first colors I picked for the house and I love it.  It is a pretty neutral color which seems to go with everything.

Dear Landlords,

Stop painting apartment wall white or beige.  Go for Puddle.

7.  Natural Linen by Glidden for a Door Color

Mmmm... love this wheat color against the white trim.  What a great accent to exterior doors.

8.  Stair Make-Over

One of my most "mathy" projects but love the crisp, clean look of this design.

9.  Barn Wood Mirror Make-Over

Anything that is free has to top my list.  Using wood we found in our barn, Andy made a simple frame for an existing cheap mirror.

10.  Old White Farmhouse Exterior Make-Over
99.99% of old farmhouses are white.  We are non conformers and are in love with this two-tone look. Slate siding on the 2nd story was replaced with board and batten with new trim work updating this old structure.

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