Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Goldilocks Dilemma

As a mom of three young kids, I am more versed in children's literature than the latest best seller novel or Oprah's list book.  I can recite "Brown Bear" and "Moo, Baa, La" by memory and amuse myself by singing the "To Market" book.  Inevitably, the books I try to hide in the back of the bookshelf are the books the kids aways request, among them "Goldilocks and the Three Bears."

Throughout the book, Goldilocks seems like a spoiled little juvenile delinquent, first breaking into the bear's house then complaining about all of their stuff.  "Too little/ too big, too hot/too cold."  Well, after the past several months, I think I perhaps have a better understanding of Goldilocks' pickiness.

Andy is a manufacturing engineer and has been working at a plant in the area specializing in air filters.  At the plant, he is the APD (accelerated product development) supervisor which basically means he is a super problem solver.  Through his experiences over the last four years at his job, he has become very passionate about LEAN principles which can be utilized within any company, not just manufacturing.  The time came to move on from his current position, which is typical in his field so he began an extensive job search.

After some initial bumbling, we focused in on three things that a prospective job would require for us to move forward:

  1. Job Description- something focusing on LEAN
  2. Location- a place to grow with interesting things to do/see, focused on outdoor lifestyle and family friendly
  3. Product- the company makes an interesting product that Andy can stand behind
We encountered several jobs along the way that knocked two off the list but kept looking for a slam dunk.  We turned down a few opportunities that just weren't the right fit, at times feeling like a petulant Goldilocks looking for that perfect bowl of porridge.  Finally, the waiting paid off and we were able to fall asleep in that "perfect bed".  

So, we'd like to announce that we are moving to Portland, Oregon.  Andy will begin his job in two weeks as a Senior Manufacturing Engineer at a company that makes ergonomic desks (wacko that he is, Andy had actually custom-built a standing ergonomic desk for his current office).  We are super excited for this change, especially since we spent SO much time researching every aspect of it but also sad to be moving away from a town we fell in love with and our little farm that we put so much sweat into.  

I never would have guessed three years ago as I was driving here the first time from the Chicago suburbs that we would be so sad to leave but, alas, we are.  We will miss family, friends, neighbors and those damn chickens but look forward to new adventures that await.  

Yes, we will continue blogging... it will look different since we plan to rent for awhile so perhaps some posts on adventuring in our new state, learning about west coast living after 31 years of midwest life, or maybe there will even be a tiny house in our future (?!?), so stick with us as we navigate a totally new environment.  We will keep our current title so our web address stays the same but perhaps add an addendum to it... Any suggestions?  So this little Goldilocks is packing away her lock pick set for a bit and preparing for new adventures.

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