Monday, November 16, 2015

Day 2: Epic Car Trip Ohio to Oregon

Day 2 on our car trip and no one has been killed or left behind.  Success.  We are in the process of driving to Portland to begin a new job and driving with our 3 little kids to get there.  Yesterday, we traveled from Cincinnati to Omaha (more on that here).  Today, we tackled Nebraska and half of Wyoming.

Overall, the trip has been very uneventful today, for which we are very appreciative of.  We started off strong, leaving Omaha at the planned 7am departure time.  The brief view we got of Omaha was promising and looked to be a super cool city.  Perhaps a great vacation spot in the future.  We grabbed some great coffee on the way out of town from a drive-up coffee stand- they seem to be popular out west.

We had a bit of a bump in the road a couple hours in when F threw off his headphones and shouted, “I need to poo!”  Any with toddlers know that this means he has a turtle head ready to go.  Of course, we were in Nebraska where stops are far and few between.  Luckily, he managed to hold it for 10 minutes until we found a stop.  Crisis averted.
Nebraska Landscape
We got a call from the truck driver with our household belongings around noon.  His truck had broken down but he was finally back on the road with an anticipated delivery date a day later than originally expected.  Not a big deal to us since he will still beat us there.  Failed to ask if truck trouble was minor, or truck tipped over with destroyed piano.  Let’s hope it was the former.

As I mentioned yesterday, we don’t really stop for lunch so we stopped at a few rest stops to stretch our legs and go to the bathroom.  Our next food stop was in Cheyenne around 2 pm, Mountain Time for some coffee and pastries.  The view we got of Cheyenne was not as promising as Omaha and I don’t anticipate another stop there in the future.  Very industrial and overall run down- not what we expected.

Leaving Cheyenne, we ran into a random snow storm, of course going through the first mountain pass.  About 7 years ago, I slid off the highway in Illinois in my Jeep during a horrible storm and ever since then get SERIOUS snow driving anxiety.  Like, want a cigarette or heavy drinking anxiety (both of which I’ve never done).  Signs warned of doom until Tuesday at 11 am (snow/wind warnings) but luckily, the road was never closed and it passed quickly with me breathing into a bag in the passenger seat.

Tonight, we are in Rawlins, Wyoming.  After the Mexican restaurant we found on Yelp turned out to be closed, we settled on a country version of Applebees right in downtown complete with GIANT menus, chicken fried steak slathered in gravy and sundaes for the kids.  Perfect end to the day.

Miles: 639
Hours: 11
States: 2

Potty Accidents:  0 (but close today)

Coffee Stops: 2

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