Sunday, November 15, 2015

Day 1: Epic Road trip Ohio to Oregon

12 hours in.  Andy has swass (sweaty ass).  A month after Andy has started his new job in Portland, we are finally moving the whole family out there.  We are taking 4 days for this epic adventure and will (hopefully) share some delights about each day.  Here is day 1.

6 am (Eastern time)-  We roll out of our hotel in Cincinnati, Ohio and head to Waffle House for breakfast.  Why are we in Cincy instead of Decorah?  My Great Aunt Mary passed away and her memorial service was this weekend.  A career librarian, Aunt Mary would have loved our blogging literary tendencies.

7 am (still Eastern time)- We hit the road, aiming for Omaha, Nebraska bellies full of waffle.  We have 4 days planned for nearly 2500 miles.  Our thought is to bang out the “boring bits” in one long day, then step it back from there.  Growing up in the Midwest, we have driven the roads in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Iowa frequently and don’t need to savor the sights. 

Our morning is uneventful with a stop every couple of hours to let kids pee and run around.  We travel a lot with the kids and have determined that life is easier for us if we pack food in the car for lunches- usually cheese, salami, crackers, hard boiled eggs, nuts peanut butter packets so we don’t have frequent bathroom stops PLUS a lunch stop which would equal a deathly long car ride.

1:30 pm (Central time)-  A pit stop in Iowa right outside the boarder.  2 miles into Iowa on I-80 and we are already frustrated with the truck traffic and discourteous drivers who don’t understand how to use a left lane.  Andy and I have switched driving duties at every bathroom break to prevent driver and kid fatigue (passenger seat victim is in charge of passing out food/activities to kids).

The boys have napped and E finally seems to have found something to occupy herself, creating a headpiece and necklace out of pipe cleaners.

  Andy and I have taken a break from listening to Aladdin, 101 Dalmatians and the Toy Story series to “watch” Happy Endings on our laptop.  (Don’t worry, driver doesn’t get to see, just hear!). 

4:15 pm (still Central time)- L is starting balk from sitting in the car seat all day and Andy is sick of car snacks and “bird food” for lunch.  We have 100 miles to go to hit Omaha and our planned Frudruckers for dinner.  Dreaming of toasted buns, seasoned fries and warm, yellow cheese from a push dispenser. 

6:30 pm-  Dinner consumed and the hanger monster is now at bay.  Heading to hotel when E starts a conversation- “I want to be married in Decorah” .  A bit of of the conversation:

E:  “I want to be married in Decorah"
A/M:  “Who will you marry?”
E:  I don’t know.  He will just be handsome.  I can marry whoever I want.
F:  I just want to marry mommy.
E: You can’t marry mommy.  She is married to daddy.  You can’t get out of marriage.
F:  I just want to marry mommy.
E:  MOMMY IS ALREADY MARRIED.  You can’t get out of marriage.
F: I Just want to marry mommy.
Me:  I’ll marry you buddy.  ::heart warms””

Tally for the day:
Miles:  724
Hours: 12
States: 4
Bathroom Accidents:  0

Coffee Stops:  2

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